Sengdao Phonemany

Sengdao Phonemany

During the Boat Racig Festival in 3 Provinces Vientiane Capital, Savannakhet and Champasak. All Promotion Officers and the representatives from Lao Woman’s Union help promote the ICS programme by giving information, brochures, handbills…etc. Explain on how the ICS is produced step by step. Other than that, the Promotion team conducted some activities to entertain the audiences such as: Cooking Demonstration to compare the efficiency between Tao Dam and ICS, playing quiz game to win ICS T-Shirt and Aprons.

Savannakhet can sell up to 157 stoves in 5 days.

Champasak Province can sell up to 87 stoves.

Vientiane Capital can also sell up to 77 stoves.

The Activities end at around 19h00 of the 9th October 2014 with the happy on the face of ICS Fan and The Promotion team.

From 8-9 September 2014, a Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) training for Improved Cook Stove (ICS) producers was held at Pakse Hotel in Champasack Province.

The main objective of the training was to provide support to improve the ICS value chain, and to build the capacity of the ICS technical team. Many aspects were covered in the 2-day training from developing business skills and investment and business plan writing to providing a solid understanding of ‘franchise business models’ and SME registration requirements.  The workshop also detailed methods for increasing access to finance to improve production and how to establish a producers association.


The capacity building components also aimed to develop SME practices including how to apply for and manage a loan from local banks. This was identified as the primary skill needed for all producers to develop their business and to be able to build and improve their financial management, producing and marketing skills.

In total, 54 participants attended the workshop of which 24 were female.

The next plan is to follow up the Business Plan that link to the establishment of the SME Entrepreneur in all three provinces.  

This programme is funded by European Union