Sengdao Phonemany

Sengdao Phonemany

Multi-Stakeholders Meeting in Savannakhet province

On Wednesday 26 of February 2014, a Multi-Stakeholder Meeting was organized by Association for Rural Mobilization and Improvement (ARMI) at the Department of Planning and Investment in Savannakhet province. The president of the Savannakhet branch of the Lao Woman Union Mrs. Khampheng Vilaythong, chaired the meeting.  Other key attendees include the director of ARMI, Mr. Amphone Souvannalath, the SNV Renewable Energy Sector Leader, Mr. Bastiaan Teune; representatives from the Department of Science and Technology; stove producers and  retailers; and the ICS team in Savannakhet. There were 60 attendees, including 34 females.

The meeting updated participants about the overall progress achieved under the ICS programme in the past year, including production, sales, quality control and promotion activities.  The quality control and promotion plans for 2014 were also presented.

During the meeting, Ms. Khamleth Sengsoulichanh,  ARMI’s team leader for the ICS programme in Savannakhet,  presented the current status of ICS production in the programme’s three provinces (Savannakhet, Champasak and Vientiane), as well as the targets for the coming year.  A total of 6,760 stoves were produced in 2013 and the Production Plan for 2014 in Savannakhet aims to ensure  14,314 ICS are produced.

The meeting also facilitated discussion among the attendees to exchange knowledge, identify problems and determine solutions in order to improve the ICS programme. 

Promotion Campaign at Watphou Champasack

Our project opened a booth at the Watphou festival in Champasak Province from 12-14 February.  99 stoves were sold in just two days.  Our promotion team and Lao Women Union representatives hosted activities and games to attract the public, including a cooking competition, testing demonstrations and short films.


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